Expected Start-up Cost for Dog Grooming

When I first decided to become a dog groomer I had no idea how much it would cost financially. I assumed, as most people do, that I would be able to complete training and start making money; no cost of schooling or debt from school loans hanging over my head. I couldn’t have been more wrong. Even though I received my training for free, I still had to purchase all of the needed supplies. There are more many things that will need to be purchased before you can complete even the simplest grooms.

Essential Supplies:

These are the supplies that you will definately need to purchase before you begin training for dog grooming.

  • Shears ( 6” straight, 6” curved)  Range from $50 – upwards of $500 each
  • Clippers (high speed professional clippers, I prefer Andis) Range from $120 – $300
  • Blades (start with most used, #7, #4, #10, #40) Range from $15 – $35 each
  • Slicker Brush ( at least two, one large & one medium) About $6 each
  • Greyhound Comb (or prefer style of comb) About $5 each
  • Smock or Apron (trust me, you will want one!) $20 – $40 each

Supplies You Might Need To Purchase:

Variables: I consider the following items optional because some shops will provide these items for you and some will expect you to purchase them.

  • Nail Clippers ( small & large) About $7 each
  • Shampoo/ Conditioner (will need many varieties) $15- $20 per concentrated gallon
  • Hydraulic Dryer ( I love K-9 II) About $360 each
  • Grooming Table (range from simple to hydraulic lift) $80 – $600
  • Safety Supplies (spray peroxide, styptic powder, cotton balls..ect) About $30 total

Optional Tools and Supplies:

The following items are optional, but recommended

  • Decorations (bandanas or bows, can be made or purchased) $30 total
  • Cologne or Perfume (CK9 is a big hit with customers!) $6 each
  • Nail Grinder (provides a smooth, filed nail) $50 – $100 dollars

The items listed here are to be used as a basic starter list. There are obviously many grooming supplies that are available for purchase, as well as staple items that are needed. Towels, looped restraints, and muzzles can all be considered additional necessary items. Grooming mats, ear powder, and eye wipes would be considered variables, and there are too many optional items to mention. As you can see, dog grooming is not the best career choice if you are looking for something fast and cheap. You will make good money, but that is after you have all the needed supplies and have received the proper training.

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