The Future of Dog Grooming

One important question that most would-be dog groomers have is “where is the profession going?” It’s a great question to ask. After all, if you are planning to make dog grooming your career, you want to know what to expect in the long run. Thanks to the increasing numbers of homes with pets, dog grooming will continue to be in high demand. There are, at this very moment, many city and government authority figures working to change the laws surrounding who can become a dog groomer. The exact law changes vary from state to state, but most contain the same general guidelines.

Expected Growth

As the number of pets per household increases, so does the demand for dog groomers. In fact, states that between now and 2018 the job growth potential for dog groomers is 21%. This is great news for those planning on becoming a groomer; the job will remain in demand. As the demand for talented dog groomers increases, the salary offered will also increase.

Current/Upcoming Legislation

Many states are working on passing legislation that would require all dog groomers to be licensed by the state. The new regulations are being introduced due to an alarming number of pets receiving injuries and fatalities at the hands of an inexperienced groomer.  Pet owners are becoming concerned that there are virtually no laws regulating who can groom their dogs.

The legislation that is being considered would require all groomers to become licensed, and be subject to random inspections throughout the year. There is some concern among groomers, specifically concerning the potential regulations concerning securing animals while in their care. There are many dogs that are better behaved when not required to be kenneled. They may have kennel stress that causes them to drool profusely or incessantly scratch at the cage. Also, there are many groom shops, like the one that I worked for, that enjoy letting the well behaved dogs run loose. The dogs are able to burn energy and are more relaxed when it is time to get groomed. The new laws would prohibit this from happening. They would require that every animal at a groom shop is contained in a kennel, only being allowed out while being worked on.

The Overall Outlook of Dog Grooming

Overall, the outlook of dog grooming as a career is a good one. There will continue to be a high demand for professional groomers, and the salary is expected to continue to increase at a steady rate. Groomers that are good at what they do will have no problems finding clients. Anywhere in the United States life takes you, you will be able to make a good living grooming dogs.

Those that are going to succeed at this career are going to need to be flexible. The laws surrounding dog grooming are changing at a rapid pace, and even those that have been grooming for many years are most likely going to have to take additional courses in order to become licensed through their state. If you want a career that is in high demand, and don’t mind taking the steps needed to remain legal, dog grooming could be the perfect career for you.

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